Monday, July 13, 2015

[Now Available] Myrkridder -- The Demonic Dead for Labyrinth Lord

Myrkridder -- The Demonic Dead details eight new undead creatures loosely inspired by old Norse myth and legend; includes 20 unique Myrkridder; and includes rules for the Myrkridder character race and Myrkridder class. Tired of the regular run-of-the-mill skeletons, zombies, and ghouls? Throw the Myrkridder at your players... undead with souls ripped straight from Hell!

This 17-page book includes eight new monsters for Labyrinth Lord:

Myrkridder Carrion Steed
Myrkridder Champion
Myrkridder Hag
Myrkridder Minstrel
Myrkridder Myrkulf
Myrkridder Outrider
Myrkridder Sergeant
Myrkridder Soldier

d20 Unique Myrkridder NPCs

Myrkridder Player Character Race and Class

Note that this is a living document... it will be updated on an irregular basis, with new material and art, and the price will increase as the material increases and art is added. So buy in when it is cheap and reap the benefit of free updates!

Latest Update (7/17/2015): Added the Myrkridder Minstrel and the Myrkridder Myrkulf. Price increased to $1.50.
Previous Update (7/16/2015): Added Myrkridder Player Character Race and Myrkridder Class

Previous Update (7/13/2015): Added d20 Unique Myrkridder

The Demonic Dead
By James Mishler and Jodi Moran-Mishler
17 Pages, 14 Pages of Cool Stuff
$1.50 -- STILL CHEAP!

Monday, March 23, 2015

[Now Available] Demi-God Race for Labyrinth Lord

Well, here's a bit of something new...

This Demi-God race is provided for those seeking to run a campaign inspired by the struggles of demi-gods to live among mortals. Such are the tales of the Greek demi-gods from the Heroic Age, of the Iliad and Odyssey; of the descendants of Odin among the early Migration Era tales of the Germans and early Vikings; or the tales and legends of the great heroes of India such as the Mahabharata.

Note that the abilities of the demi-god are mostly balanced out by the fact that her divine parent's enemies, inherited along with her abilities, will often seek her out to destroy her or seduce her to their side. It should also only be used in a campaign where the Labyrinth Lord has the players roll 3d6 for ability scores, limiting accessibility to races appropriately.

Demi-God Race
By James Mishler and Jodi Moran-Mishler
JMG 00502
8 pages, 5 pages of Good Stuff
Pay What You Want!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

JMG on Hiatus

Friends, as some of you know, my wife Jodi has, for most of the last three years, suffered from a ruptured ACL. Tomorrow, she is finally going to get the ACL reconstructive surgery she's needed to get back into shape... late always being better than never. While it is a simple outpatient procedure, any and all thoughts, prayers, and good vibes would be most welcome.

So for the next several weeks at least, possibly two or more months, we will be concentrating on her recovery. If I am slow in responding to e-mails and posts, this is why; also, we won't be working on anything for JMG during this time, and I won't be doing much blogging or any gaming, either. We're not avoiding anyone, we are just busy, between my job and her therapy. We'll be back with bells on once she's up and kicking... hopefully much sooner than later!

Monday, July 28, 2014

[New Blog] Hanging Out in the City State

Hey All,

I decided that since I'm talking so much lately about the Wilderlands, I should start up a new blog, as, well, JMG is supposed to be about the Olden Lands, not the Wilderlands.

I'm going to be mirroring all the Wilderlands posts from here (and eventually, some of the old stuff from the Adventures in Gaming blogs) to the new blog.

Going forward, I'll also post all new Wilderlands-oriented posts at the new blog...

Click here to check out my new blog, Hanging Out in the City State.