Tuesday, February 5, 2013

[Olden Lands Gazetteer Preview] Isle Most Fair

Her Royal Highness, Uruviel Elensar, High Queen of the Fair Elves (Good 10th level Sailor Fighter/Wizard)

Capital: Máranesîr [Swanport] (pop. 5,300)
Humans: 50,000
Demi-humans: Half-Elves (30,000), Elves (20,000)
Humanoids: None
Monsters: The Isle Most Fair is home to domesticated varieties of griffons, hippogriffs, giant swans, giant weasels, and other creatures of fey nature. Connections to the Underworld are few and well-guarded, though the realm of Faerie is very likely to impinge upon the residents at times for good and ill. The waters around the isle are free of monstrous sea life due to an ancient treaty between the Fair Elves and the Lord of Deep Waters.
Languages: Elven, Elysian, Gottish
Resources: Gems (coral, pearls), gold, silver, spices, wood (rare)

When the elves first set eyes upon the waters of the Ocean Seas, no few became enamored of the waters and the beautiful isles found thereupon. These elves banded together and built port cities and great sailing ships, to explore the waters of the Ocean Seas and settle upon her many islands. But then that was long ago and today only long overgrown ruins remain of the days when the elves ruled the seas. The Isle Most Fair is the last great remnant of that once wide-flung elven realm.

The Fair Elves of the isle, as they are called, differ little from the Elves of the Verdhulann. They are slightly paler, slightly taller, and less concerned with forestry and more interested in seafaring, but they are otherwise identical. Elemírëcil is the second-greatest Elven Realm in the Olden Lands, second only to Avalandia in the Verdhulann. Unlike Avalandia, which expended much blood and treasure trying to control and shape events in the Middle Lands, Elemírëcil remained aloof from the politics of the Ocean Seas for many centuries, demanding only its self-imposed isolation and the sanctity of its shores.

The Elysians of the Sunrise Isles and the Olden Lands have maintained cordial if distant relations for centuries, as they long ago worked out trade agreements allowing their merchants access to the quays of Máranesîr, where they are allowed to trade among the swan-ships of the elves for five three-day markets every year. Only the Velantians were able subsequently to make similar arrangements, and like as not, they spoil their season and rights quickly with their underhanded dealing and outright thievery, such that three in five fairs the Elysians have the elves all to themselves.

Uruviel Elensar, the High Queen of the Fair Elves, rules all the Fair Elves of all the isles of the Ocean Sea. Those who are not settled on the main island or associated islands, however, are often beyond her succor, yet many of the Fair Elves seek to hold or even expand their domains in the Sunrise Sea, the Steaming Seas, and to a lesser extent the Sea of Storms.

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