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[Olden Lands Gazetteer Preview] Yasdunn Jungle

Independent towns and tribes

Capital: None; the major settlements are:
Bondyemòn [City of the Gods] (pop. 16,100)
Zhënghinpur [Rich Port] (pop. 19,500)
Humans: 900,000
Demi-humans: None
Humanoids: Gnoles (240,000), Half-Orcs (60,000), Gnolls (40,000), Orcs (30,000)
Monsters: The Yasdunn is renown as the home for all the most unusual creatures, many of which have never been categorized. The best known of the strange beasts of the Yasdunn are the dinosaurs, which in the jungles are found in all shapes and sizes. Other notable monsters and beasts include giant and miniature forms of common animals, white apes, cavemen, black and green dragons, elephants, giant hyenas, giant insects, man-eating plants, giant snakes, and giant spiders. Like Eosha, it is home to many strange tribes of peoples of human, but highly-exotic sort.
Languages: Kartaghan; Manday, Eoshan, Kartaghan, Gnoll, Orcish.
Resources: Animals (unusual), gems (diamonds), gold, nyumbanyama hide, spices, woods (rare)

The deep, dark jungles of the Yasdunn are home to flora and fauna otherwise foreign to the Olden Lands. The River of Death and the River of Nightmares, despite their names, are quite rich and life-giving, as they and their attendant tributary rivers and springs, together with intermittent monsoons off the Sea of Steam, bring life to an area that otherwise would likely be baked desert, like the wastes to the north of the Obsidian Mountains. The rich volcanic soil and the verdant waters enable growth of tremendous trees, huge ferns, and a plethora of flowers, vines, and bracken. The jungles, as noted above, are also home to a wide variety of unusual beasts, many encountered nowhere else in the Olden Lands.

The peoples of the Yasdunn are as strange and variable a lot as the flora and fauna. Tribes of Manday, Kartaghan, and Eoshan sort live, trade, and war with one another and with the gnoll and orc tribes. Many tribes are of mixed races, with some including the full variety of human, gnole, gnoll, half-orc, and orc types. Tribal loyalties are based on mutually held cultural beliefs, religion (usually Green God, Animal Lords, or Beast Cults, sometimes Paynim), and to a lesser extent language groups, not races. Tribal cultures are technologically primitive, as there are no good local sources for iron, copper, or tin and most tribes use stone, wood, and bone.

Other than a handful of towns on the south face of the Obsidian Mountains, Zhënghinpur is the only true city of any sort in the region. It is a den of cutthroats, pirates, and villains from across the Seven Seas. The city of Bondyemòn, the ultimate source of the diamonds traded out of the Yasdunn, is known only in myth and legend; it is inhabited by white apes and their human, gnoll, orc, and half-breed slaves, who labor for the white apes and are sacrificed in the name of their god, the potent Cosmic Entity known as Shub-Niggurath.

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