Monday, August 19, 2013

We Have Winners!

We have winners! Congratulations to Boris Worm, Brett Slocum, Brian Johnson, Dan Cross, Doug Rector, Fumblefail, Giles Kiser, Gus Badnell, Joel Watkins, Joshua Smith, Nathan Meyer, Paul, and Stacy Forsythe. These are the 13 winners of our I Couldn't Go to Gen Con So Here Are Some Games Contest!

Yes, you read that right, 13 winners. I ended up with 68 total entries from 43 people, so I had Jodi roll on a d80 table with a wide “Roll Again” section and a single “Roll Twice” entry… so there are now a baker’s dozen winners!

Winners, shortly, you will find a congratulatory e-mail in your inbox, along with coupons for your prizes from DriveThruRPG. Check your spam filter to make sure your coupons do not go right into the spam box.

Thanks to all for playing!

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