Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[Now Available] Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Dead

Ghosts – The Incorporeal Undead
By James Mishler and Jodi Moran-Mishler
 64 pages * $16 MSRP * JMG 00704

On sale for $6.66 through Halloween!

Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord, compatible with most Old School style fantasy and science-fantasy RPGs.

Ghosts – The Incorporeal Undead includes everything needed to develop and use ghosts in your Labyrinth Lord campaign.

Deadly Details on Fear Attacks and Life Draining Touch!

Eerie Information on the Incorporeal powers of ghosts and other Undead Special Abilities!

Full disclosure on the Sinister Sixth Sense, Scary Sensitives, and Mysterious Mediums!

Ten different base ghostly types, covering each hit die from 1 to 10 hit dice, with countless thousands of combinations of 75 different ghostly special abilities!

Secrets of the uses and dangers of Uncanny Ectoplasm!

An expose of Eerie Enchanted Items!

Scads of rulings on Spooky Spells, new and old!

And a (relatively complete) Creepy Appendix N!

What more can you ask for?

How about protection from the Terrifying Table of Contents of…

   Fear Attack
      Fear Effects Table
      Spawn Ghost
      Powerless in Sunlight
      Weapon Immunity
   Life Draining Touch
      Spawn Ghost
   Undead Special Abilities Package
      Poison Immunity
      Silent as the Grave
      Susceptible to Turning
   Other Special Abilities
      Special Ability Notation
   Incorporeal Undead Summary Table

   Presence (1 HD Lesser Ghost)
   Apparition (2 HD Lesser Ghost)
   Lost Soul (3 HD Lesser Ghost)
   Wraith (4 HD Greater Ghost)
   Haunt (5 HD Greater Ghost)
   Spectre (6 HD Greater Ghost)
   Spirit (7 HD Greater Ghost)
   Wyrd (8 HD Greater Ghost)
   Phantom (9 HD Greater Ghost)
   Geist (10 HD Greater Ghost)

   Ghostly Special Abilities
   Uncanny Ectoplasm
   Eerie Enchanted Items
   Spooky Spells
   Creepy Appendix N

List of Ghostly Special Abilities
   Acid Ghost
   Alien Ghost
   Ancestral Ghost
   Animal Ghost
   Animate Corpse
   Armored Ghost
   Blinking Ghost
   Bloody Ghost
   Chained Ghost [Earthly Remains]
   Chained Ghost [Location]
   Child Ghost
   Create Remnants
   Cursed Ghost
   Damned to Walk the Earth
   Demon Ghost
   Dream Killer
   Drowned Ghost
   Drunken Ghost
   Ectoplasmic Blast
   Ectoplasmic Touch
   Embodied Ghost
   Entropic Attack
   Environmental Ghost
   Fast Ghost
   Fiery Ghost
   Fortean Apportation
   Friendly Ghost
   Frightening Ghost
   Frost Ghost
   Ghost Lover
   Ghost Magician
   Ghost Object
   Ghost Priest
   Ghost Ship
   Ghost Sovereign
   Ghostly Head
   Guardian Ghost
   Headless Ghost
   Hungry Ghost
   Keening Ghost
   Laser Ghost
   Lifelike Ghost
   Lightning Ghost
   Material Susceptibility
   Monster Ghost
   Nanny Ghost
   Negative Energy Blast
   Nightmare Ghost
   Object Animator
   Pipeweed Ghost
   Plague Ghost
   Poison Ghost
   Possess the Living
   Radioactive Ghost
   Robotic Ghost
   Shackled Ghost [Item]
   Shrouded Ghost
   Skull Thrower Ghost
   Special Immunity
   Spectral Music
   Spectral Steed
   Stuck in Time
   Tasked Ghost
   Thunder Ghost
   Trickster Ghost
   Unwitting Ghost
   Vengeful Ghost
   Wandering Ghost
   Warning Ghost [White Lady]
   Wind Ghost

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