Monday, April 11, 2022

[Now Available] Psychic Class for Labyrinth Lord

Psychic Class
By James Mishler and Jodi Moran-Mishler


This booklet presents a new 15-level Psychic class that utilizes psychic powers, completely compatible with the existing magic system!
The class possesses the following:
Psychic Powers!
Psychic Combat!
Attune Restricted Magic Items!
Psychokinetic Powers!
Psychic Combat Expertise & Mastery!
The new Psychic class can be used alongside traditional magic-users and clerics or can take the place of one or both in a more science-fantasy campaign.
Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord, the Psychic Class can be easily adapted to any old-school fantasy role-playing game!
16 pages, 10 pages of content -- $1 CHEAP!

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