Wednesday, June 15, 2022

[Coming Soon] The Heart of Albion, a Hexcrawl Campaign for Castles & Crusades

The Heart of Albion Hexcrawl Campaign Setting
By James Mishler and Jodi Moran-Mishler

The year is 1400 AUC, as the world has fallen into the cold-hearted grasp of Fimbul Winter.
Summer is as autumn, spring is as winter, and winter? Winter is as some cold slice of the Hells. Glaciers are rolling out of the mountains; new lands rise as waters retreat; and the very earth cracks under the weight of the Wrath of Eldisor.
The Great Northern Isle of Skandza has shattered into a thousand isles under the weight of these glaciers, and the survivors struggle to survive amidst the ruins as the Old Gods fight for their survival. Elsewhere, the remnants of the old Tyrrhenian Empire are being swept away by waves of barbarians and savagery…
The peninsular realm of Albion, far in the northwest and forgotten by Tyrrhenia and Skandza alike, is undergoing similar convulsions.
The native Kymrae and Brigantian tribes, Tyrrhenized and free, are threatened by the invasion of the barbaric Reichlanders from the east and the Caledonians from the north.
The native demi-humans and fairies are caught in between, and also drawn into the internecine battles between the various families of the Old Gods of Albion and the Reichlands, and even those from further afield, in their struggles with one another and with the rise of the new faith, the Holy Temple of Law.
And here and there still stand a few settlements and strongholds of Jordvann and Tyrrhenia, where the Jordvanner seek to rebuild civilization and the Tyrrhenians seek to conquer its remnants amongst those dimming points of light.
Follow the development of this classic Hexcrawl Campaign, The Heart of Albion, and explore the history behind the Continental Realms of the current Isle of Eldisor setting.
The development of this new Castles & Crusades setting will be featured on my blog, Adventures in Gaming v2, to edify those who wish to learn how to develop their own campaign settings in the classic Hexcrawl Sandbox fashion.
For fans of Labyrinth Lord, never fear; Castles & Crusades is readily adaptable to Labyrinth Lord (just as Labyrinth Lord is readily adaptable to Castles & Crusades).
Further Labyrinth Lord development of the Isle of Eldisor in the current era will follow the completion of The Heart of Albion, notably the northern half of Eldisor, The Northlands.

Follow developments on these pages!


  1. I'm curious, why switch between LL and C&C?

    1. Brian, I am not switching over from Labyrinth Lord to Castles & Crusades wholesale. I will be publishing the "Historical Era" Hexcrawl Campaigns for the world of the Isle of Eldisor using C&C, but still publishing everything else, including "Modern Era" Isle of Eldisor Hexcrawl Campaigns, using Labyrinth Lord.

      I first published the Wilderlands of High Adventure products using Castles & Crusades back in my AGP days. After that debacle, I was kind of soured on C&C, not due to the design, but due to the association with AGP/WoHA.

      I then tried to do dual-stat, LL/C&C books when I first returned to publishing, but that satisfied nobody. Then I stuck with just LL to keep things simple.

      I picked up the newest, "Homage Cover" printings of C&C recently, and several of the cultural Codex books, and they inspired me to get back into writing for C&C. I decided rather than build another entirely new campaign setting to place the C&C products in the "history" of the world of the Isle of Eldisor, as that was when the "Old Gods" were still kicking and the Holy Temple of Law was new and not yet essentially all-powerful on the Continent.