Thursday, October 5, 2017

[Now Available] Dragonborn for Labyrinth Lord


By James Mishler & Jodi Moran-Mishler

This work contains two forms of the dragonborn race:

First, a racial class for use with Labyrinth Lord, complete with several new dragon-magic spells;

Second, a race for use with Advanced Labyrinth Lord.

Notes are included for dragon-bloods, the half-blood offspring for dragonborn and humans.

Magic Item: Dragon Scrimshaw Scales

Dragonborn Lairs

Dragonborn Monster Entry

New Monsters: Dracosteeds and Dragonhounds

10 pages altogether, seven pages of content, one cover page, two pages of OGL.

$1.00 -- CHEAP!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

[Realmscrawl] The Incompleat Realmscrawl

So last year I tried to jump into the 5E market on the Dungeon Masters Guild, with some hex-based mapping of the Forgotten Realms called Realmscrawl (also, alternate version of FR based on some old campaign stuff). Sales went nowhere, for various reasons.
I had already done a lot of work on the rest of the Realmscrawl maps, and have decided to release the Incompleat Realmscrawl maps into the wild. The linked product includes all eight of the remaining Realmscrawl map Hexographer files, as well as small PNGs of each region, and one very small scale "mega-map" of all nine regions of the Eastern Heartlands altogether.
As mentioned, it is incomplete... none of the maps have any names on them, most got to the placement of locations stage, and Map #9 is only in primitive layout stage. But if you are into FR, or just need a blank sandbox or eight, this is for you, and at the right price... if you have Hexographer, of course...
The Incompleat Realmscrawl
Herein you will find the remaining eight maps of the Realmscrawl line, which never quite took off.
The initial release, Realmscrawl Campaign Map #5: Tilverton, never sold enough for me to further develop the line.
However, I still have my initial work done on the rest of the maps; here they are, incomplete, ready to be further developed for your own campaign using Hexographer.
Included are the Hexographer files for Maps 1 to 4 and 6 to 9.
Maps 1 to 4 and 6 to 8 are essentially complete, save for names. Map 9 is in a rather more primitive condition, but the general outline is all there.
Also included are small maps of each of the eight regions, in PNG format, as well as one map of all nine regions stitched together in a primitive fashion (made with slightly older versions of the maps included herein).

Saturday, June 18, 2016

[Realmscrawl] Change in direction

Well, that was educational.

Since I first released Realmscrawl Campaign Map 05: Tilverton on DMG on Sunday, June 12th I have had 56 downloads, 53 freebies and three paid, for a total of $5.10 gross ($2.55 net). None of the three who paid ($3, $2, and $0.10) e-mailed me with the nature of their interest for the next product. At this rate, the goal will never be met, anyway.

After due consideration, I'm changing my methodology on this line.

First, I'll be adding a very simple line-item gazetteer to the PWYW map. That will give everyone the very basics for each location on the map. This is much in the same vein as the original Wilderlands booklets from Judges Guild back in the day. Bare minimal detail, but enough to get started.

Click to embiggen.

Second, instead of a full gazetteer, I'll simply release mini-modules of specific, small and mid-size locations. These will usually clock in at three to 18 pages, with the location designed as an adventure rather than as a gazetteer entry, and range in price from $0.50 to $3.00. Each will include the full details on the location (and the surrounds, one or more hexes worth), maps of the sites, encounter tables, and so forth.

Third, if those sell well, I might tackle some of the larger sites, such as Hollow Mountain, Thunderdeep, and so forth, either as a larger module or perhaps as a series of smaller modules, each detailing two to four levels.

And of course, I really want to publish my version of Tilverton... that one will probably end up having to be broken into district booklets.

We'll see how this new method works. Plans might change again.

The line-item gazetteer should be up sometime this coming week. The first mini-module shortly thereafter.

More as developments warrant.