Monday, January 24, 2022

[Now Available] Isle of Eldisor Hexcrawl Campaign Cyclopedia & Gazetteer

By James Mishler & Jodi Moran-Mishler
Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord
The Isle of Eldisor Hexcrawl Campaign Cyclopedia & Gazetteer is a 76-page campaign guide describing the Southlands of the Isle of Eldisor.

Jordvann was once a land dedicated to Law and Good, until the rise of Eldisor, the Devil’s-Son, who together with his hordes of giants, dragons, trolls, ogres, orcs, and goblins conquered the land, reduced the people to slavery, and brought down Fimbul Winter, which caused empires to fall world-wide. Eldisor ruled for 400 years, until he was slain or brought low during a rebellion of his captains, the Old Evils. Fimbul Winter ended, and civilization rose again elsewhere, while the survivors on the Isle of Eldisor sought to stay alive between the warring Old Evils.
Now, descendants (or claimed descendants) of exiled Jordvanner have settled the southern verge of the southern portion of the island, building colonies and rebuilding civilization among the monstrous and savage peoples of the isle. Little is known of the Isle of Eldisor, and what little is known is merely myth, legend, and rumor. The adventurers can partake of the return to the Isle of Eldisor in many ways – find and recover the lost treasures of the ancient civilization; discover, ally, and trade with the savage descendants of the Jordvanner; battle the remaining hordes of evil giants, dragons, trolls, ogres, orcs, and goblins; or seek to re-establish the lost realm of Jordvann and protect the native peoples from the inroads of the colonial factors.
The setting is presented as a Hexcrawl sandbox, and includes the following details:
  • History of the Isle of Eldisor.
  • Details on the Colonial Powers.
  • Geographical information, including specific regional encounter options.
  • The Jordvanner (including the four descendant peoples – the wild Cavemen, the sorcerous Gray Folk, the monstrous Morlocks, and the savage Tribesmen, as well as their cousins, the barbaric Kruski berserkers and vikings).
  • 13 Gods, Demi-Gods, and Demons of the Isle of Eldisor and the Continent.
  • 36 Myths, Legends, and Rumors.
  • Complete Campaign Notes on making the Isle of Eldisor experience more immersive and unique.
  • Details on the Weather on the Isle of Eldisor, still recovering from Fimbul Winter.
  • A complete Hexcrawl Exploration Procedure to determine encounters and the discovery of minor ruins and settlements.
  • A gazetteer detailing 156 major settlements, strongholds, ruins, and lairs.
  • New monsters, including the Mammoth, Northern Titan, Giant Troll, and Multi-Headed Troll.
  • An Appendix N detailing literature inspirational to the campaign.
  • The map is 52 hexes east-west by 34 hexes north-south; each hex is 6 miles across, providing more than 50,000 square miles of adventure!
  • The map (also available as a separate file), is provided in the book, divided into eight sections for easy reading.

The Isle of Eldisor Hexcrawl Campaign can provide a Judge and their players with years of adventure!

Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord, easily adaptable to any Old-School RPG or even Fifth Edition!

76 Pages (70 pages of content), PDF format with PNG Map, $15.

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The map is also available separately PWYW!