Tuesday, March 2, 2021

JMG On Hiatus

James Mishler Games is on hiatus.

The latest series of products were spin-offs from several larger projects I've been working on during the Pandemic.

Unfortunately, none of those larger projects are hitting my personal standards, so I am going to let those go fallow for a while, and maybe pick them up later.

For now, I am going to concentrate on reading through some old classics, running some Advanced Labyrinth Lord online, playing in some online games, and honing my writing skills to hit the proper level of impressionistic brevity I feel I need to develop for the style in which I want to write.

To that end, when I feel the need to write, I'll be posting my work on my personal blog at Adventures in Gaming v2.

I'll be back here once I feel I've reached an acceptable level in my stylistic development. Until then, good gaming!

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