Sunday, March 20, 2022

[SALE] James Mishler Games 40% Off Sale

James Mishler Games is having a 40% Off Sale!

To celebrate the return of in-person gaming at Gary Con, James Mishler Games is having a 40% Off Sale on all PDFs!

Yes, you read that right – 40% off! That is to celebrate that 2022 is my 40th year of playing role-playing games!

You know I don't go in for sales at all anymore, so you won’t see a sale like this on James Mishler Games products… probably ever. OK, maybe I’ll do a 50% off sale in 2032. So, if you can wait that long

But if you can’t wait, buy now!

The sale ends on Monday, March 28th.

Speaking of which, if you make it to the convention, stop on by Booth #104 to check out our convention exclusives! We also have products from Goblinoid Games, Arcane Library, and Geoffrey McKinney, as well as some surprises!

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