Thursday, November 28, 2013

L is for the Lord of Deep Waters

The Lord of Deep Waters is a primordial being, said to be as old as if not older than the Elder Titans. Legends say that when the Elder Titans created the Ocean Seas, they awoke the Lord of Deep Waters from his long slumber. Since that day he has ruled the Ocean Seas, and since the formation of the Serene Sea in elder days sought to claim those waters as his own, as well. There he is opposed by the Lady of the Serene Sea, and their followers have ever been at odds.

Also known simply as Father Kraken, King of the Deeps, or Master of Sharks, krakens are his primary messengers, and thus his depictions in statuary and other art usually depict him as a kraken of unimaginable size, or as a human with a kraken-shaped head complete with tentacles and a great beak. He is worshipped by sailors, pirates, and fishermen, and is a major figure in the cult of the Thundigoth and the semi-civilized peoples of the Sunrise Islands and Dragon Isles. His worship is strongest in the isles of the Sea of Storms and the Steaming Seas, less so in the Sunrise Sea, and least so, though often still propitiated, in ports around the Serene Sea.

His temples are always built half on land, half in water, with a wide oval water-filled arena open at one end to the sea. Sacrifices are made by casting the person or animal into the waters, wherein resides a small kraken, sea serpents, or school of sharks. So too is cast his share of the treasures given to the temple, gathered by the fish-men or shark-men that hide it in subterranean water-filled vaults. Since the fall of Okeánopolis during the Doom, his primary center of worship has been at Søslanghavn on the Isle of the Kraken at the demarcation between the Sea of Storms and the Sunrise Sea. There he is more usually depicted as a great sea serpent.

Priests wear robes of dark blue with black kraken and/or shark patterns, trimmed in green. They wear silver headbands, the number of pearls indicating their rank in the temple; evil high priests wear crowns of silver, coral, and pearls. Priests may only eat seafood and vegetables, never red meats or fowl, and must wear their hair in long braids like the tentacles of a kraken (males must wear long beard thusly braided). Priests can only wield daggers and tridents.

They possess spells of creating and controlling water, winds, and storms (at sea), summoning and commanding water elementals and sea life, and the usual assortment of blessings and curses. Their power is greatest at high tides, weakest at low tides; strongest in salt water, weaker in fresh water, and yet weaker still the further they go from any of the seas. Men and women are welcomed in the priesthood; they have no requirements of chastity or celibacy, but they may not take followers of other faiths as lovers or spouses.

Followers of the Lord of Deep Waters expect, upon death, to join their dread lord most intimately, their souls consumed by him such that they become a part of him and his power for all eternity. The souls of those who have failed him are eternally reincarnated as small fish, ever eaten again and again, over and over, by bigger fish.

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