Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Dailies!

So after almost two years of being “between places,” my wife and I have finally once again settled in at our own home (though we still need to get everything out of deep storage, those poor books haven’t seen the light of day in years). This finally allows me the time and space to get serious about writing; though my highly variable work schedule might still cause issues, generally I now have the ability to write every day, should I so choose.

The gazetteer for Hex 02-2322 (JMG25HEX01) is first up, and proceeding along nicely. “Much sooner than later” seems an honest estimation of its due date at this point. Thereafter… dunno. Whatever comes to mind and is inspirational, I suppose.

My blogs have long languished; I see cracks and weeds everywhere. So that is going to change. The idea going forward is themed days, to afford some structure. I won’t say I have a plan to make a post every day; I don’t make plans any more, I simply have ideas, and hopes. If I manage to actually make four posts in a week, I’ll consider myself to win that week. Here are the themes of the day:

Monstrous Mondays: Mondays are dedicated to monsters… friends and fiends, enemies and allies, common to unique, fine to colossal. Sometimes new, sometimes old, always something interesting, and usually tied in with the Olden Lands, though also quite useful otherwise.

Chart and Table Tuesdays: Tuesdays will be all about interesting and useful charts and tables.

Wondrous Wednesdays: Wednesdays will feature magical items, relics, artifacts, and eldritch and wondrous locations and sites.

Throwback Thursdays: Thursdays will be dedicated to discussion of and expansion and support for old products I wrote in the AGP days, or support for currently-available products from JMG.

Freeform Fridays: Whatever strikes my fancy on Fridays.

Saturday Review: Saturdays will feature a review of someone else’s product. If I get the time and more than enough to review, maybe several products will be reviewed each Saturday. You got a product you want reviewed? Contact me at

Sunday Driver: Sundays are dedicated to the Olden Lands, traveling around and pointing out interesting locations, bits of history, important personages, and anything that strikes my fancy, much like going on a drive in the country on Sunday afternoon.

Random Campaign: As part of the whole settling-in thing, I will once again be running a local campaign… ideally, two of them, an OldenLands Labyrinth Lord campaign and a Realms of Murikah Mutants & Mazes (Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future) campaign. I’ll post on these as events occur.

These days I write mostly for the enjoyment of it, and to support my gaming habit as a game master. But of course, every bit of cash helps (snack and dice money is nice), which is why most of my major works will still be sold on DriveThruRPG through James Mishler Games. If you like what I publish here on the blog, please check out my other products at that site (or RPGNow, if that is your flavor of choice).

I’m also not above taking donations, green-backed kudos, from those so inspired; such can be sent via Paypal to You can also contact me there off-blog if you have any questions or concerns, or any ideas for what you might like to see covered more in depth in the blog or in JMG products.

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  1. Just signed up to your blog. I follow you on G+ but that stream business gets swamped and I've missed all these posts you've been making. Hopefully that will change.

    I'm inspired by your ideas for posting. Somehow structured posting eludes me and my own output is too erratic for my liking.