Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Now Available] Barbarian Class for Labyrinth Lord

Well, I finally got around to fixing up that barbarian class I had worked up for Labyrinth Lord... and it isn't even Wondrous Wednesday yet! Will wonders never cease?

Here's the sales blurb:

Barbarian Class
By James Mishler and Jodi Moran-Mishler

This class is designed for use with Labyrinth Lord. The barbarian presented herein is designed to emulate the classic barbarian from Sword & Sorcery literature. To that end the class includes the following abilities:

Proficient Weapons
Battle Rage
Berserk Rage
Fast Movement
Impressive Physique
Tribal Skills
   Desert Tribe
   Hill Tribe
   Forest Tribe
   Jungle Tribe
   Plains Tribe
   Seafaring Tribe
   Steppe Tribe
Uncanny Senses
Wilderness Survival Skills
Battle Cry
Barbarian Horde

The class is designed to be used with the forthcoming Barbarians of the Olden Lands supplement, detailing the barbarian peoples of the Olden Lands of the Chronicles of Mhoriedh. However, they can readily be used in any Labyrinth Lord campaign.

9 Pages
MSRP $1.00

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